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ALKONT® 2000

A new era in removing stains from fabrics

ALKONT® 2000 is an innovative technology for laundry detergents and the result of a partnership between Oxiteno and Novozymes. The solution offers a unique and exclusive combination of surfactants and enzymes.

In liquid laundry detergent formulations, the enzymes work together with a complex system of surfactants, which act as wetting and emulsifying agents, delivering high cleaning performance with enzymatic stability and superior results in removing difficult stains.

Achieving these features is complex. Oxiteno has conducted multiple studies, invested in laboratory testing, and used the extensive technical knowledge of its research and development teams to create an easy to use, efficient, safe and sustainable solution. ALKONT® 2000 offers all these features, meeting essential demands in the laundry care market.

Oxiteno developed ALKONT® 2000 technology with a focus on the specificities of Latin America. The region has homogeneous characteristics of dirt, temperature, and quality of water used to wash clothes. Oxiteno’s experts sought the best synergy of ingredients capable of delivering high cleaning performance at a competitive cost. The product can be used with water between 5ºC and 35ºC, which is different from the United States, where hot water (50ºC) is used in washing machines.


The line comprises 100% renewable raw materials, but its benefit in terms of sustainability goes beyond the manufacturing stage. Oxiteno uses the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to establish the environmental impact of a solution throughout its life cycle. Every step of the process has its effects measured, from the extraction of raw materials to their use and disposal, and the manufacturing, packaging, and logistics phases. Product sustainability profiles can, therefore, be more fully compared.

When comparing the results of a regular liquid laundry soap with a liquid laundry soap formulated with ALKONT® 2000, there is a considerable saving of natural resources across process stages. Some of the figures that are worth mentioning are the following: in the use phase alone, consumers who use a laundry soap with ALKONT® 2000, use 36% fewer fossil resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7%. In the production phase, these figures are even more impressive: 50% less consumption of fossil resources and a 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


  • High stability;
  • Made from renewable raw materials;
  • Single formulation chassis.


  • Laundry detergents;
  • Stain remover.