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Innovative technology for fabric softeners

OXISENSE® F 1100 is a distinguished solution developed by Oxiteno based on polyalkoxylates and non-ionic surfactants to be used in formulations of regular and concentrated fabric softeners.

Made from renewable sources, it is broadly compatible with other ingredients in fabric softener formulations and does not impact the fragrance of the final product.

The solution protects the fibers, making the clothes softer and easier to iron. In addition to preserving tissue fibers, it partially replaces cationic assets in the formulation, reducing irritability.

OXISENSE® F 1100 comes from a renewable source, is broadly compatible, and incorporation into the formula does not require heat.


  • Greater softness for fabrics;
  • Fiber protection;
  • Easy handling and cold incorporation;
  • Made from renewable raw materials;
  • High compatibility;
  • Reduction of cationic surfactants.


  • Fabric softeners;
  • Ironing water.