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Reimagine chemistry to create a better world

There are many challenges facing humanity’s access to food, energy, clean water, health, and mobility. And we know that there will be even more by 2030, when we will have more than eight billion people living on the planet. The answers to these challenges will rely on chemistry as a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions.

For us, sustainability is strategic to ensuring the continuation of our business and leaving a legacy for society. We reaffirm our commitment to sustainability through our 2030 strategy, with goals that will leverage our environmental, social, and economic actions.

We are proud of the path taken so far, and we are convinced of our role in building a better world for our and future generations. And this effort is being stepped up now, in the sum of initiatives we call +Sustainability.

We invite you to embrace this commitment, too! So, together we will move forward on the path to +Sustainability!

IOD’s Sustainability Strategy

Discover our goals. Click and learn how we are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Baseline 2020*
Update: May 2024